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Two months ago, 41-year-old Maria's life from London was a nightmare "This has changed my life."

Written by Dr.Marcus - 2 day ago

Two months ago, 41-year-old Mary's life from London was a nightmare..she was laid off and her husband left their home. Being overweight by more than 50 pounds tormented her - she had movement problems, constant shortness of breath and sleep problems.

She was ashamed of her own body. When she got the chance to participate in pioneering research, her life changed dramatically. No trace of being overweight and she felt attractive and feminine again.

Mary was bullied and humiliated for years

Talking to Marya is not easy. She herself reluctantly recounts her past experiences:

Since I was a child, I tended to gain weight. At school, they called me "barrel" and pointed fingers at me. I had no friends because everyone was embarrassed to appear with me. When I got older, I looked in the mirror in disgust. I hated the "fat" on my thighs, my second chin and especially the folds of fat pouring out of my trousers and blouses.

When I was a student, I had the impression that everyone was always looking at me and talking about my weight behind my back. Anyway, more than once I accidentally heard: oh, the fat one is coming! The same in the restaurant: she is so fat and eats all the time!

All this was very depressing for me. My body refused to obey more and more. It got to the point where I started having serious problems with my spine and could not work normally. My boss fired me. Also, my husband left me. I knew very well it was me and my growing excess weight. I saw his reluctant eyes and watched him walk away from me.

My husband kept telling me that everything would work out somehow. Every day he assured me of his love, even though I could see reluctance in his eyes. I could see him looking at my big ass and two hams instead of legs. And it happened, everything fell apart, because one day ... he left me. I felt very unhappy.

It went wrong every time..

After losing 26 pounds, 4 months later 31+ pounds were back on...

Did I try to fight obesity? Countless times. I remember the 1,000-calorie diet, fasting, eating only carrots all day. In the end, I hurt myself with these pseudo-diets. Today, I know I was destroying myself and my body this way. I also had a personal trainer, but I started feeling really bad after these exercises - I didn't have the strength to get out of bed. I really tried, but always, I stress - always - it was the damn yo-yo effect. If only what I had lost would come back.... But where are you! It came back for more!

The day that completely changed Marya's life

We asked Marya how it was that 6 weeks ago she weighed 227 pounds, and today we see a slim, smiling woman, completely devoid of complexes. Here's what she replied.

I probably still wouldn't be able to look in the mirror without the information a pharmacist friend gave me. It turned out that at the medical centre where I was diagnosed, innovative clinical trials were being launched under the direction of renowned expert Kiril Todorov. From what I was able to find out, this was the first study of this type in people with significant obesity in the UK. Then I thought: this is my chance!

I decided to fill in the contact form. I waited a whole week for a reply until it finally came:

I was qualified in a special programme for overweight people

I don't know why, but I felt I would make it this time, that it would be different. I had never heard of Mr Todorov or the new obesity method he was working on. But I really wanted to change my life. First, to lose weight, tighten my body and feel good in my skin. I wanted to see if I would fit into size M and if I could still make a man fall in love with me.

The pounds were flying off!

When I asked her about Mr Todorov's study, Marya could not contain her emotions.

During the study, they divided us into two groups - part of us to use this new method every day, and the other part - a placebo. I was in the first group. It was great, but after 3-4 days I noticed the first changes in my body. Centimetres started to decrease, both on the waist and hips. Cellulite went away. Every day I felt lighter, my skin became smoother and the big crease in my belly started to disappear. After breakfast as well as lunch and dinner, I was full for a long time. I also quickly lost inches in rounds while doing almost nothing!

This is me before treatment and 4 weeks after starting treatment.

Finally, in these 6 weeks I lost weight by... 35 pounds! My body was hard to recognise. Never dodging my own reflection in the mirror again. No more being embarrassed in front of people. No more hiding your body under baggy jumpers. Finally I can wear a swimming costume without any worries, I thought then.


The method that allowed Marya to melt the extra inches in the laps in such a short time turned out to be innovative plasters with hidden ingredients under the surface, called "turbo fat reducers".

The benefits of these plasters:

Up to 5cm less in circumference in 7 days

Elimination of cellulite, smoothing of thighs and buttocks

Rapid weight loss of abdomen, shoulders, calves

2 x better hydration and excellent skin condition

Correct body weight without yo-yo effect

Exactly how this works is explained by the creator of the revolutionary weight loss method, international obesitology specialist Kiril Todorov:

"The action of the patches is aimed at accelerating lipolysis (breakdown of fat tissue) and thermogenesis, allowing fat to be used in energy processes. This is the only available method among natural methods for weight loss. Within 12 hours, body-forming substances are released into the body, reaching even the most difficult parts of the body, such as the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. Moreover, they regulate the processes in tissues that accumulate fat, improve skin microcirculation and reduce blood vessel permeability, making them extremely effective in anti-cellulite therapy. In my opinion, this is an absolutely revolutionary technology in the fight against obesity."

Proven methodology backed by top experts.

Slimmestar patches contained 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality. As a result, the unnecessary fat that had accumulated in Maria's body over the years was burned practically effortlessly. On the other hand, the YO-YO effect appeared in her only today, meaning the fat cells were completely and permanently destroyed.

Peggy from Bristol

Nancy from Manchester

Clinical tests conducted by Kiril Todorov confirmed that Slimmestar patches have an effect on fast and effective body modelling.

It is a specialised and highly effective formula based on herbal extracts that stimulate the skin to anti-cellulite action, accelerate metabolism and burn subcutaneous tissue, melt residual fat both day and night. The highly concentrated substances of plant origin in the patches instantly transform into a machine for a 4-fold increase in skin microcirculation, tighten the body up to 92% and act on the skin as a natural lift.


How many times have you tormented yourself with diets that did nothing but worsen your health? How many times have you felt overwhelmed when the kilos came back with double force after the diet ended? How many times did you cry while trying on your swimming costume? It's time to stop this and start a whole new chapter in weight loss. Without spending a lot, without the risk of complications or long recovery like liposuction procedures. This is your time to change and get your self-confidence back.

Together with Kiril Todorov, we have prepared an attractive discount especially for our readers. It is available to anyone who decides to purchase the revolutionary Slimmestar formula. If you want to try the method the world is talking about, act fast!

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    Can anyone tell if this really works... have my doubts.

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    • Emma S.

      I also hesitated, bought it anyway. Been using it for a month now and already lost 7 pounds. Would definitely give it a chance for that money. My husband also uses t and she is already a few pounds lighter too.

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  • Megan Brown

    I had bought them at full price and now they are 50% off? That's not fair....

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  • Michelle B.

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    • Marie Jones

      Hey Michelle, I got them with 4 days.

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    I had been trying to lose weight for a while, came across these on Facebook and had huge doubts like others. Bought it anyway and I am dumbfounded that it actually works. 3 pounds off already, very nice.

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    • Emily Johnson

      Working after just a few days with me. Shipping took about a week.

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  • Margareth G.

    Been using these for a while. Doesn't hurt either. Hunger sensation is also gone and my doctor says they are safe. Also useful to know.

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    • Emma S.

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  • Clara M.

    My husband and I have known about this for some time and have also lost a lot of weight. We are elderly so health is important to us. Recommend to everyone and exercise too! You will benefit later.

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