SlimPatch team strengthened with 3 new doctors:

Big news: SlimPatch is growing and as a result we have hired 3 new doctors. They are doctors who all 3 specialise in obesity, especially in women. They will work to further develop the SlimPatch.

"we will continue to develop the SlimPatch even better".

About us


Our start

2018; the year in which our small but enthusiastic team started producing our products with love and attention. The goal? To work towards a healthier generation and help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results! Despite many setbacks, we have enjoyed the process.

Our growth

Despite the impact of Covid-19, we grew rapidly as a company. We worked with various professionals and organisations, customers heard about us more and more often, and more and more team members joined us. This year we welcomed our thousandth customer!

Our mission

Our goal is to help at least 100,000 people in several European countries to lead structurally healthier lives by 2030. This includes a smoke-free generation, facilities for children and their parents who are struggling with obesity and other health problems that many people face on a daily basis.

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